Monday, May 7, 2012

I would rule in Anna's favor, the same way that Judge DeSalvo ruled. He made a tough choice in a tough case. Either way, as stated before, no matter who won, the case was lost. The ruling would have been a tough one either way. My understanding of Sara is that she was trying to be a lawyer, but she would much rather just be a mother. She doesn't like the case and wants nothing more to do with it. Campbell Alexander has really grown throughout the novel, growing to be a nicer and better person. He was appointed to watch over Anna and her medical decisions and help her make those decisions, and he accepted that job with arms wide open. This alone shows his growth because it proves that he is no longer all about himself and his life. Overall, the case was a long and sad one. Any decision would be tough.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Person Who Doesn't Believe in the Holocaust

If somebody told me that they didn't believe in the Holocaust I would first call them ignorant. I think that is probably one of the dumbest things a person could possibly say, since the holocaust is one of the most well documented events in history. What would be there response when shown a picture of all the skeletons, hair or pictures of crippled people? It is also well documented all of the concentration and extermination camps along with the ghettos and major massacre sites. The pictures and videos of the time alone should be enough to shoot down anybody not believing in the holocaust. Nobody is that thin and crippled if they aren't put through torture like victims of the holocaust were put through. There is endless proof, pictures, videos, journals, documents and the actual remains of the camps. To say the holocaust didn't happen, is the same as saying you are not an educated person.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Holocaust

I feel that the holocaust is one of the worst events that took place ever in history. I don't understand how a whole group of people can treat another group like that just because of their religion. Also, I don't get why whole countries of people backed the terrible crimes being committed by the Nazi's. If I lived somewhere and knew that was going on, I would try to at least do something to stop it. Many people probably didn't agree with it, but did nothing about it. That's why six million people died in the holocaust. How can somebody think that others aren't as good as them just because they don't have the same religion or hair and eye color? That would take a truly evil person, that was messed up in the head. On the other hand, why didn't the US get involved in the war sooner when we knew the terrible things going on? Our isolationist policy seems selfish. The holocaust was a terrible thing.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Parents

I have forgotten more of the great things my parents have done than I remember. They do so many good things to help other people and I love that, it's a great thing to look up to as well. Something I particularly remember is one time around Christmas when they were taking donations and needed new toys to put into the Christmas mart for families needing help in Canton South. My parents took me and Vanni shopping and we picked out a lot of cool toys and then donated them to the mart. They also donated some money and encouraged me and Vanni to do the same. So we each gave twenty dollars, but we did this willingly because we actually worked at the Christmas mart then and saw how much those people appreciated everything being done there. Most kids don't want to donate their money, and I can sort of understand this because they don't really realize what that money is going to and the good that it is doing. Since and early age my parents have shown us the importance and help you can give not only by donating money, but more importantly by just paying attention to someone. They have also stood up for everything they believe in and are not afraid to stand up for others and what they think is right. This has definitively transferred to me and my sister as well. They are just great people, parents and role models.

Monday, January 30, 2012

To Kill a Mockingbird

If I were to transfer the adventures of Scout to my neighborhood it would be a lot different because I don't really live in a neighborhood with other kids around, at least not other kids that are fun. I would probably be best friends with Scout if she lived in my neighborhood because I was basically just like her when I was six. I would also be friends with Jem and Dill. The reason we would all be such good friends is because they all know how to play. They play made up games and are just fun kids, which is exactly like me and my sister. The experiences we would have with them would probably be pretty similar to in the book and in my own life. What I mean by this is we would probably get in some trouble but mostly we would just have a lot of fun and have great summers.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Instructions for Living a Life

"Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it."

If you pay attention in life you won't miss much. If you be astonished you will enjoy life. And if you pay attention you will be astonished, and then you should tell people all about it. That is what this quote is saying. It basically means to live life to its fullest potential and enjoy it as much as you can, because you only have one. Also, if you go through life boring, not paying attention and just "going with the flow" you will miss a lot. It is kind of like the life laws, you make your own experience and decide how your life turns out. Everything in life is a choice, no matter what happens to a person, they always have the choice of what mood they will be in, how they go about life, how much fun they have and how enjoyable their life is. Money doesn't matter, clothes don't matter, how big your house is doesn't matter and other material things don't matter. What does matter is how you deal with things and how you choose to live life. These material things can help with happiness, but they surely don't make it. I would much rather be poor and have the great family and friends I have, than be rich with a half loving family and fake friends. Life is all about making it as good as you possibly can. And since we live in such a great country, anybody can rise to greatness no matter what they come from, and everybody should take full advantage of this great opportunity that we get to enjoy every single day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Constitutional Amendment

If I were to make a constitutional amendment it would be about welfare. The people that are on it would have six months to apply and show proof of searching for a job, and they would have to have a job within a year. I would do this so that lazy people don't live off of the working classes money. Also, this would cause for less unemployment and possibly new jobs and opportunities to create new jobs.
Along with this amendment, I would create another one that since you live in America, you speak English. If you want to live here then you should know our language and use it on a daily basis somewhat fluently. If I decided to go live in France I would definitely learn French. America is a great place to live, and if people want to enjoy our freedoms, learn our language.
I would create some amendment to help people and give people that need it a little extra bonus. Especially around times such as Christmas, just to give people that deserve it, a little extra money or gift or food or just something. There are a lot of good people that just need some help from others that can help them. Some people that don't have a job, it isn't there fault. They are truly looking for one, and just need help. Also, this would include a program that spends time with people that don't have families or are lonely. It would be an amendment to set up a very helpful program.
I'm not sure which amendment I would pick to put into action. However, I think it would be the last one.